by Sharon Sebastian on April 15, 2010

Black is good, white is bad. Black is bad, white is good. Which is it?  Most Americans know that neither generalization is true. Individual character determines quality, not money in the bank, the neighborhood where you live, or the color of your skin. Yet, increased racial tensions have caught Americans off guard. Headlines increasingly report people of all colors, in and out of the government, are today fueling racial discord. Issues of race emerged in the 2008 presidential primaries just when the race card was close to being pronounced DOA. Seizing the opportunity, racial agitators resurfaced and are again providing it with life-support.

White House Diversity Czar Mark Lloyd suggested that “…white people have held their jobs too long and should turn them over…” Is Lloyd’s proposed redistribution of wealth ideology – socialism, racism or both? The President of the United States embroiled himself in a law enforcement fracas and interjected race. Americans asked when rapper Kanye West took the microphone from Taylor Swift at the VMA Awards, was it rudeness, racism or was Kanye having a fubu moment gone awry? People have difficulty distinguishing between racism, poor judgment or just bad behavior when tensions rise.

A warning from across the pond. Reports out of the UK have radical groups flaming the fires of racism as the BBC reportedly indoctrinates the public to Charles Darwin’s theories of evolution and survival of the fittest in celebration of the 150th anniversary of the release of Darwin’s book, On the Origin of Species, on November 24th. Darwin’s ideas spawned Social Darwinism, which pits people against one another based on race, class and disability. According to former UC Berkeley Law professor, Phillip E. Johnson, it was the philosophy of evolution that fueled German militarism and Hitlerism and is today being taught in every American public school with no disagreement allowed.

Darwin’s ill conceived and personally biased theories created chasms between people of varying skin color? Clearly, Darwin’s ironclad influence in the school system, and the degenerative effect based on unfounded science, is unjustifiable when Americans from all backgrounds have worked long and hard to insure equality today for all citizens.

The new book, Darwin’s Racists – Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, reveals what most Americans don’t know – that based on DNA and modern science, we are ONE RACE – THE HUMAN RACE. The book examines the dangers of teaching Darwin’s race-based theory, with no scientific foundation, to children of all ages across America. Black Americans are among the loudest to decry the teaching of Darwin’s theory of evolution as a “fact.” Based on false scientific justification and his personal biases, Charles Darwin deemed what he called the “duskier races,” to be inferior, sub-humans, and variants. It was renowned Harvard evolutionist, Stephen J. Gould, a staunch Darwinian, who concluded that though “…racist attitudes were common…” they were increased by “orders of magnitude” that had not previously existed after Darwin’s theory of evolution became accepted.

Darwin’s Racists addresses today’s social, political and racial divide in America.  From Darwin’s admirers Marx, Mao, Hitler and Sanger, to today’s flagrant persecution of those who oppose the theory of evolution, the book informs and equips the reader as never before regarding mid-1800 naturalist Charles Darwin’s impact on 21st century America. The book, Darwin’s Racists by Sharon Sebastian and Raymond G. Bohlin, reveals the prime impetus of much today’s class struggle, racial strife and a devaluing of life of our disabled, elderly and poor. Darwin’s Racists is a book that Washington would do well to read.

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