by Sharon Sebastian on April 14, 2010

By Sharon Sebastian

With far-left liberals now in power, it is increasingly apparent that God is out of favor.  Consequently, many are questioning where President Barack Obama stands on religion. Regarding his faith, what the President truly believes is between him and his Creator. What are apparent are Obama’s inclinations towards all things Darwinian. The question becomes, is the President’s evolutionary, and Social Darwinistic, mind-set eclipsing our nation’s Godly principles? The new book, Darwin’s Racists – Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow by Sharon Sebastian and Raymond G. Bohlin reveals Social Darwinism’s impact on both the White House and Capitol Hill. Is God in the President’s way? Is an empowered liberal Congress legislating God out of society?  Americans are concerned that God’s moral laws and truth are being sidelined.

Consider that God’s word instructs against the taking of an innocent life. Yet, Illinois Legislator Obama upheld that a post-abortion baby that takes its first breath of life could be tossed in a waste bin and left to die. A liberal Congresswoman recently called abortion – the ending of an innocent life, a “perfectly legal medical procedure.” Both statements reveal hardened and callous attitudes against the most defenseless.

Opting to woo a political base, the President chose to disregard the teachings of the very God he professes to believe in when he denigrated a passage in scripture as being obscure and not worthy of notice. The passage instructs on homosexuality. God’s word is infallible and no passage is obscure. That the president chooses to edit out what does not serve his agenda is problematical for a nation and a Constitution founded on biblical principles. That the President ignores the Constitution that protects against government tyranny, puts all Americans in peril – that he ignores God’s word, puts him in peril.

When schoolchildren sang “praise songs” replacing Jesus’ name with Obama’s, the President missed a great learning opportunity to teach children. He could have seized the moment to explain that they should indeed show respect for the office of the presidency – but that he is not Deity, that he is not God. Instead, he allowed it to linger.

Cap and Trade based on man-made global warming will break household budgets and force millions onto the poverty roles, yet Obama appears unfazed. Though the president swore to uphold the Constitution and protect the American people, participating in a global government appears to be the goal rather than sustaining a healthy economy at home,. When the President said blithely that the coal industry will just have to go “bankrupt,” he displayed a dispassionate disconnect from the tens of thousands of families who would lose their jobs, their homes and their dignity? His “crisis mentality for immediate change” will trample millions of productive lives under the jackboot of a socialistic government, forcing them headlong into the slavery of the welfare system. The President ignores American’s work ethic – as he dismisses God’s Word that instructs all to work, who are able to work. Welfare for the able-bodied is a biblical abomination.

That the President seems to favor some citizens at the expense of others becomes increasingly obvious. Elevating the poor is admirable, but not through a system of redistribution of wealth that will create new groups of poor primarily from America’s middle class. Are the president’s motives pure, or is he practicing a socialistic form of reparations? Americans see their economic base being destroyed through annihilation of small businesses, loss of jobs and an inevitable shifting of millions from the unemployment roles into the welfare system.  Black Americans, who have worked hard and earned the American dream, are now angered and call Obama the new slave master who will force Americans of all backgrounds into the poverty cycle while shifting tax dollars into the pockets of his union and globalist supporters. This is a president who raised his hand before God and swore to protect all Americans along with their rights and freedoms under the Constitution. Did the President take his oath before God and country seriously or was it just an obligatory means to an end?

Obama has  handpicked czars and advisors who are self-professed Marxists, Communists and Socialists. One has stated admiration for Communist Chinese ruler Mao Tse-Tung, a tyrant who killed 70 million of his own people. Another admires Karl Marx, the father of Communism, who advocated that the “state” should replace God in people’s lives. Another top advisor wrote about putting steralents in drinking water to control population, while yet another pondered taking body parts from terminally ill patients without their permission. The President himself casually said that if health care shortages occur, the elderly ill could take “a pill” and basically slip away quietly without too much expense to the government – even though the faith instructs against suicide. The same applied to our disabled and wounded warriors. Tyrants Mao, Stalin, Hitler all wrote of their admiration for Darwin’s “survival of the fittest” to weed out the weak or less productive in society. All held disdain for God’s moral laws.  Washington displays the same evolutionary mind-set that values the “fit” over the “unfit” and diminishes human lives to the level of “raw material” and treats God’s law as if it can be adjudicated.

The president appears to have a “dispassionate disconnect” with the American people -displaying an elitist mentality towards “the masses” and a “survival of the fittest” strategy for dispensing government services. Darwin’s anti-Christian elites would be proud.

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