POWER AT ANY COST: The Training of Barack Obama

by Sharon Sebastian on April 14, 2010

By Sharon Sebastian

Progressive – a nebulous political term with alarming consequences. Few people realize that today’s politically identifying moniker – Progressive – is merely a re-labeling of the term Communist. Re-labeling is an old left-wing strategy – as in hyper-Darwinist becomes Marxist becomes Communist becomes Liberal becomes Progressive. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are leaders of the Progressives. Indeed, Clinton says she prefers to identify herself as a Progressive, thereby, shedding the old negative inferences of being a Liberal.  Anyone who perceives Progressives as someone merely left of center – think again. Headlines are filled with the Progressive radicalization of the left..

What cannot be re-labeled is truth, in their own words, captured in video/audio clips and their own writings for posterity. What mostly bonds Progressives is their mentor – Saul Alinsky, an extreme radical that taught that power is the ultimate goal and that everyone and everything should be eradicated to obtain that power. Among Alinsky’s heroes were bloody tyrant Vladimir Lenin, Castro, and Mao Zedong. Alinsky was so twisted in his lust for power and control that he also associated his strategy with that of Lucifer. In Saul Alinsky’s own words, he tells Progressives not to forget “,,,the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom  – (was) Lucifer.” Alinsky’s message is that God is in the way. Obtain power as Lucifer did by any means — you become god on earth. A very Marxist theology. Recall, it is the President himself who has reportedly said that Alinsky’s teachings meant more to him than all of his years at Harvard Law.

Alinsky clearly recognized that Lucifer or Satan is also the king of deception. It is upon deception that Alinsky built his political strategy. Deception, he taught his followers, is the Trojan horse that gets you inside the gates where you can then access power and retain it by any means available – no matter the costs to the people, the government or the nation. Again, it is upon deception that Alinsky built his political strategy. It is Alinsky’s strategy that Barack Obama wrote on a blackboard and can be seen teaching it to ACORN members during his days as a Chicago Community Organizer. Obama’s educational-mentor Alinsky also worked as a Chicago Community Organizer before him.

It is true that Saul Alinsky preferred the teachings of Lenin, who murdered millions, to the teachings of Mao, who also murdered millions. Mao advocated obtaining power by the barrel of the gun. Lenin was more subtle by first advocating working the system and obtaining power by the vote, then using the barrel of the gun to keep it.  Alinsky had no qualms about stealing the vote as a means to reach his end result – power.

The new book, Darwin’s Racists – Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow by Sharon Sebastian and Raymond G. Bohlin, reveals the mind-set of Washington today. Depicted are the likes of the avid Darwinist-Progressive Margaret Sanger. Sanger reportedly re-labeled her politically active American Birth Control League to Planned Parenthood when it was accused of aggressive, racist elimination of babies. That the President of the United States openly promoted leaving post-abortion babies to die or that Hillary Clinton accepted the Margaret Sanger Award from Planned Parenthood in March 2008 and exclaimed on video how much she admires and is “in awe” of Margaret Sanger – is just part of the Progressive mentality. The book, Darwin’s Racists, tracks the Marx-Lenin-Sanger-Alinsky-Obama mind-set to current day policy.

For Saul Alinsky, deception is the key to everything.  Say one thing, do another, even change the meanings of words. Pretend to be bi-partisan in order to get the upper hand. For Alinsky, the means don’t matter – destroy whomever or whatever gets in your way. Alinsky made it clear that what his followers want “is power.” Obama’s longtime political ally and White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel is on record as saying that the means to the end are negotiable, but the end is not negotiable.

Those on Capitol Hill who have been sucker-punched by the belief that they can negotiate in good faith have clearly miscalculated – at the expense of America, its Constitution and its people. It is time for those Congressional leaders to recognize that what they deemed inexperience or naiveté on the part of the Obama Administration is, in fact, premeditated. The root cause of attacks on Americans’ rights and freedoms are revealed in the book, Darwin’s Racists – from the time of the Darwinian elites who were admired by Marx, Stalin, and Mao to the elites in Washington today. That Alinsky admired the tactics of deception by Lucifer should give pause that the future may be Alinsky’s hell on earth from America being transformed from a sovereign, prosperous nation to a third world economy with rationed care, limited resources and civil strife.

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