by Sharon Sebastian on April 14, 2010

By Sharon Sebastian

An open letter to President Obama penned by Rush Limbaugh suggests it is time for Barack to grow up. Essentially saying Obama lacks the maturity to hold the powerful position of President of the United States. Limbaugh points out that, thus far, Obama has had nothing to do with this country’s greatness. Leaders who have had something to do with this country’s greatness have exhibited an understanding and compassion for not only Americans, but for our values, our laws and way of life.

With deference to Limbaugh, other areas of apparent immaturity or lack of emotional growth is revealed in how Barack Obama views our mentally and physically disabled, our elderly and our unborn. The first evidence of a lack of sensitivity was when candidate Obama seemingly outed his grandmother for doing what Jesse Jackson once reportedly admitted doing – crossing to the other side of a street if he felt threatened by approaching black men. His grandmother’s and Jackson’s reasoning may have been the same, but she never got her hearing as Obama gained political traction.  Many were stunned by the insensitivity

Obama also cracked wise and joked about Special Olympians who have overcome great odds to compete and enjoy the embrace of loved ones and supporters who treasure their spirit and courage. He apologized. Yet, it revealed a grade school mentality and underdeveloped compassion for those less able than he. To justify abortion, he stated that his daughters should not be stuck with a child out of wedlock. He advocated that post-abortion babies should be left to die. That our elderly and seriously wounded vets could just take a pill if health care resources became scarce and that the coal industry would have to go bankrupt without regard to the lost jobs and homeless families left in his wake. That many seniors may lose their independence and become financially and physically destitute under his half trillion-dollar cut in Medicare seems to faze him less.

Then comes Rahm Emanuel who attempts to demean fellow Democrats by calling them &+%*#& retards, revealing further lack of compassion at the White House. Both the President, being part black, and Chief of Staff Emanuel, being Jewish, know that labels do damage. They can demean. They lessen the individual. They invite ridicule. Black history and Jewish history are filled with the slippery slope of open ridicule and verbal abuse of the disenfranchised where demeaning pejoratives led to both harm and death.  Such language can weave insidiously through a society.

Americans question if something is missing in the psychological fabric of this man called President? Can a man grow up with a dispassionate disconnect so deeply rooted that voters don’t matter, only self-aggrandizement and power do? One need only read the book, Darwin’s Racists  Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow by Sharon Sebastian and Raymond G. Bohlin, to see that history reveals where such behavior can lead when people in power verbally abuse the less able or those who differ from the ruling elite. Starting with Charles Darwin who devalued mass groups of people, to eugenicist Margaret Sanger who called the less able and poor human weeds, to Stalin, Hitler and Mao who showed a dispassionate disconnect with horrendous results. Darwin’s Racists connects the dots to policies today.

Now, in a grand display of overreach and further immaturity, Obama and Emanuel want to ban the word retard through legislation because they can’t control their own hateful rhetoric. Banning words, regardless of who is in power, is a dangerous idea. Books were banned and burned in Nazi Germany. Banning gives unwarranted control to government.  What is offensive is the pejorative &+%*#& retards which is meant to be hateful and hurtful and reveals the character of the person who uses it. Banning words is unnecessary.  Society adjusts itself. Save the few, including those in the White House, who still need to “grow up.”

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