Darwin's Racists: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow by Sharon Sebastian & Raymond G. Bohlin

by admin on April 13, 2010

ISBN 978-1-60264-393-2, softcover, $13.99, 226 pages.
Who are you? Where did you come from? Are you being told the truth? How does what you believe link you to the world’s worst mass murderers, being judged by the color of your skin, super babies of the future, and today’s school curriculum?

Mere generations ago, a man named Charles Darwin introduced his Theory of Evolution which permeates today’s society. Its premise is that some groups of people are less evolved than others and, therefore, inferior. As a result, millions have died when targeted by race, class or disability.

There are those who say that this same philosophy, that helped fuel Hitler’s ovens, has crept into America’s school system when no one was watching. Others contend that evolution, which was rooted in racist and class elitism and is today being taught, makes some of us superior and more “fit” to live on the planet. Are you fit enough? Is your family fit enough? Who survives? Who decides?

In America, are we one nation under God or one nation under Darwin? As two worldviews of race and class collide, it is time to decide what you believe regardless of your social status or the color of your skin.

Darwin's Racist book

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